What can I do if my product arrives in a bad state or does not arrive?

We apologise for this incovinience and we will ensure that we will fix this in the most effective and agile way we can.

  1. Go to https://plazamercado.shop/contacto/.
  2. Select the option «Send a Comment«
  3. Fill in all the following fields:
    • Name.
    • Email.
    • Telephone number.
    • Select a method of contact.
    • Comment. (Please put your order number, that will make it easier to identify your query).
    • If you wish to attach any evidence, click «Select archive».
  4. Finally, click «Send«.

After completing the form, in around 3 days, you will recieve an email or a phone call (depending on which method of contact you chose earlier) , responding to your comment after we verify from part of our administration team. If the response is favourable, you will recieve a discount coupon, which can be used for your next purchase.